Leaders in Our Region

Flaska Landscaping, LLC is quite likely Northwestern Michigan’s most comprehensive landscape installer. We’ve earned a top tier reputation by making quality and accountability our mission throughout the entire spectrum of landscape services. We diligently explore and implement current trends in both our design and execution in order to achieve timeless beauty and long term functionality of your landscape. Our passionate design team considers aspects of your landscape that may be overlooked by less committed companies. We don’t stop at plantings and stone. We mindfully consider water management, lighting, shade, prevailing winds, seasonal debris, ease of maintenance, future accesses, and most of all–the individual needs and wishes of our clients. Let our confidence be yours.

Design and Planning

Our in-house design and planning team draws upon a wealth of combined experience. We employ decades of hands-on and academic experience to your vision, resulting in a final product that blends utility with beauty and longevity.

Landscaping and Design Services

Paving Brick

Whether it’s concrete, clay, or porcelain pavers you favor, we’ve got the specialized knowledge and the skills to go with …

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Natural Flagstone

Fond du Lac, Chilton, Blue Stone, Onaway, Echo Mountain, Colorado Red Rose, Idaho Gold, or beautiful granite, it doesn’t matter. …

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Block Retaining Walls

Block Retaining Walls

We create customized block retaining walls to fit any area! Block retaining walls are a specialty at Flaska landscaping, LLC. …

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Stone Walls

It’s more than simply stacking boulders of varying sizes, shapes, and colors. It’s an art form that requires physical knowledge …

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Steps and Outcroppings

Depending upon environmental and aesthetic conditions, you may prefer uniformity or you may prefer a more natural look and feel.

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Gas, wood burning, grilling, or bonfire. Bring on the heat!

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Hydro-seed and Sod

We’ll prep your soil and spray quality components to get that yard growing! If you’re in a time crunch, we’ll …

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Landscape Design patio and fireplace


A well designed landscape lighting plan adds warmth and depth to your landscape’s night life while offering you piece of …

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Driveway Paving

Driveways are the crown jewel of your home’s curb appeal. Why not make the first impression something spectacular. They’re the …

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Complete Landscape Design

Make the most of your outdoor area and enjoy it as it were fully integrated in your home. We offer …

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Slope Retention and Soil Stabilization

Severe slopes are very difficult to manage naturally. We install the latest geo-synthetic materials to help manage aggressive or challenging …

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Commercial and Residential

Full service with new and existing commercial and residential projects. Planning during all phases of construction to ensure proper timelines …

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What Our Clients Say?

Browse below to see what our clients have to say about us.

This company is the best!  Contact them!!! Dustin is an expert in landscaping, design, water management, erosion control, lighting, more and more.  Please ask him to show you how you can get the perfect landscaping and hardscaping  for any situation you may need to overcome.  This company is the rock star!!!! You will be glad!
-Linda Nelson Hanlon

Beautiful designs and excellent quality.  Truly the best in class.
-Chris Hall